I enjoy a cup of espresso that still blows in smoke. Occasionally, I blow steam to get rid of the heat. The mixture of bitter and sweet tastes that touched my tongue reminded me of our kiss that night. A night filled only with the sound of water particles flowing like the tip of a nail falling on an asbestos roof. A hand was raised. I touched my lips to follow in the footsteps of her kiss that were left. It`s undeniable. No matter how far I wanted to get away from reality, my feelings were unable to be crushed under my feet when the color gradients moved towards the orange dot. Please contact the author to order his novel mbk, 08158140664 „Pegangan,“ Aldi said when they slid on the highway. I love him. They always want more than some of my feelings that don`t want to knit stories that aren`t finished between us. Because I am aware that the nature of life is not just a matter of disappointment and hatred. But it is also about forgiving and being sincere.

The fact is that if these bad memories come back to me in my head, I couldn`t turn an angel without wings who has a million good things to make an easy mistake. „It`s good,“ Tari replied. He has to get out of here. Please check again mbk I benerkan Link :). Bian got out of the car with a tired face. Last night he accompanied Sarah to the ER until her boyfriend got a room this morning. He`s tired. He needs a shower and a break. But today, we have to get to work. Just permissions? he asked in his heart. It`s very touching the plot so baper.

You want to open his novel Tari and blow the wind with tears on his wet face. He`s tired of having it all. Tired of constant grief. Tired of waiting for her husband to change. Tired of being the only one trying to be alone. He wants to be happy. They want to live a quiet life. already deleted by the author, because the sequel is in the novel mbka 🙂 „A-I… “ said Bian, stuttering. Where are you going? Who has the suitcase at the front? « .

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