„Conditions,“ the terms and conditions of sale and (unless the context requires it) the terms and conditions of sale agreed in writing between the Buyer and the Seller. NOTE: The sale of products or services is expressly related to the buyer`s consent to these terms and conditions of sale. Any acceptance of the Seller`s offer is expressly limited to the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the Seller expressly opposes the additional or derogatory conditions proposed by the purchaser. No purchaser`s form will change these terms and conditions of sale, nor can any form of service, history or use of the trade be considered an amendment or waiver of these terms and conditions of sale. Any order to purchase products or receive services is the buyer`s consent to these terms and conditions of sale. Unless otherwise stated in the offer, the seller`s offer is prescribed thirty (30) days from its date and may be amended or revoked by the Seller before receiving the buyer`s compliant acceptance. 14.3.2 Refund us for every amount requested if HM Revenue and Customs or any other official body claims VAT, VAT, user tax or any other expense or penalty resulting from non-compliance with applicable export and import requirements. 5.3 We guarantee that all items are complete and may be considered in good condition, unless otherwise stated in their descriptions. If it turns out that an item is incomplete or defective in the text or image and is not described as such in our physical description, we will refund your purchase price, subject to the following conditions: This guarantee does not apply to the absence of raw materials, half titles, tissue guard or advertisements, or for items described as sold in the catalogue. To assert a right under this paragraph, you must provide written information and, if applicable, photos of the defect within 2 years of the sale, and return the item to our home in the same condition as at the time of sale.

You must return the item to us at your own expense and provided the item was inside at the time of the sale. The benefit of this guarantee will only be made available to the original purchaser on the invoice for the item issued at the time of the contract if, on the day of notification of the claim, the original purchaser is the full owner of the item and the item is exempt from third parties` rights, interest or restrictions. The benefit of this guarantee should not be transferred to other people. It is important to read and understand these terms and conditions before buying items from us. Please note that when you purchase items from us, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below. 7. Force majeure: the seller is not responsible for delays or violations of the service, which are in whole or partly for any reason, outside the seller`s control, including, but not only, on fires, floods, explosions, accidents or other disasters, acts of God, strikes, lockouts or work stoppages , wars, disturbances or embargo delays, assignments or priorities of the state, lack of means of transport, fuel, manpower or equipment. , inability to procure goods or raw materials, weather conditions, legislative or regulatory changes, or any other circumstance or cause that does not make the seller feel unsused. Such an excuse for the performance extends as long as the event continues to delay or adversely affect the seller`s performance. 10.1 Under these conditions, „Incoterms“ are the international rules for interpreting the trade terms of the International Chamber of Commerce, as they are in force at the time of the contract. Unless otherwise of the context is made, any term or expression defined in the provisions of Incoterms or having a particular meaning has the same meaning under these conditions, but if there is a contradiction between the provisions of Incoterms and those conditions, it prevails.

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