But they do, if they comply, that`s another story. And please note that they are quick if you owe them money, but if they owe you money, it may take more than 4 months before you get your money back. So after a painful 4 months without a vacuum cleaner and forward and forward with emails and phone calls between Dyson and the radio rental to fix it in the end, I had to take precautions to be sent to Dyson, so it is sent back today on the 13th it comes back supposedly fixed, so with anticipation and excitement I did not have it.” t work made a noise and smoke wasn`t coming out of him happy Jan Hi I`ve been a VIP customer with radio rental for 10 years and have paid thousands of dollars in products, I recently asked for another product recently and it was five days ago and Boone contacted me they changed frustrated their process hello, wondered if the radio rents had a cooling of time for the phones and so? The Bundesgerichtshof was the subject of civil action, including the details of the agreement reached. The Thorn Group, which is owned by Radio Rentals, was forced to announce on Wednesday that the group action had been introduced, accusing the appliance rental company of “unfair and unscrupulous practices” that would have harmed 200,000 customers. There are also better places to rent items like equipment rentals. They can give you everything from HiFi JB or online devices and they give you an answer within 4 hours when these guys take up to 48 hours and download more. I will rent a s10 I will be able to purchase it at the end of my lease and for how much Radio Rentals has agreed to repay or amortize $6.1 million in default costs, and to repay an additional $13.8 million in excess rent. Can I get back my contract I made with Radio Rentals The agreement with ASIC has no influence on a group action launched by thousands of customers regarding the “Rent, Try 1 Buy” offer of Radio Rental. A phone number would be helpful, I have the radio rental in Darwin nt n everything I get, is an Asian person who doesn`t make sense, but apparently with Sydney, we have the number I received for this, 0291015000, but no help For terms and conditions until December 8, 2016, please contact customer service at 131 181 or customersupport@radio-rentals.com.au Abbi, she ordered the goods online and was only asked for her Centrelink details and house rental.

The goods were delivered the next day. The offences relate to more than 270,000 leases concluded between January 2012 and May 2015. Under the lease, she would have to pay about $10,000 for $3,000 worth of goods. She hired lawyers to help break the contract. Radio Rentals has agreed to simplify its leases by using “plain English” and working with ASIC to improve communication with customers whose leases are expiring or expiring. Retail giant Radio Rentals has agreed to repay nearly US$20 million to customers linked to leases they cannot pay. Single Mama Abbi last year signed a lease with Radio Rentals for a living room, bedroom suite and X-Box. Hey in the radio client i live in Darwin nt, because of this coronavirus, I can`t get in touch with anyone to fix my refrigerator that I still rent SO WHO DO GET IN TOUCH WITH, Let me know as soon as possible, or I`m going to go to consumer issues n I`m going to stop my payments, so call me at 0432819563, n my name is Pam The agreement follows a lengthy investigation by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) regarding the company`s lending practices, focusing on whether people who signed leases had the ability to pay.

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