Once the confidential information is defined and clearly defined, a critical clause is in the agreement, which the people who receive the information can do. Here are some considerations in revising confidentiality clauses: it is very common for parties to a potential real estate transaction to enter into a confidentiality agreement (NDA) to verify certain marketing materials and/or to begin due diligence. Many sellers have their own favorite NDA, which is to some extent different from the others. As a result, disproportionate delays are spent on the review and negotiation of the NOA before the parties can conclude the transaction themselves. EXCLUSIVEY AND CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT This agreement is between Mimosa Credit Partners, L.P., (“Mimosa”) and (“Owner”). Considering that Mimosa XXXXXXX proposes to be on the X Highway north of X Street (“the proposed evolution”) and that the owner owns property within the limits of the proposed evolution – (“owner property”) and that Mimosa and owner negotiate the terms of inclusion of the owner`s property in the proposed development, While it is in the interest of all parties to keep the proposed development confidential until negotiations are concluded with owners and other persons interested in real estate within the limits of the proposed development, Mimosa and the owners have therefore agreed in the following way, he expects, considering agreements and other considerations of quality and value. The owner accepts that, for a period of three hundred and sixty-five days (365) days from the date of this agreement, the owner may not initiate, solicit, negotiate, encourage, accept, accept or make offers concerning the composition, combination or sale of the property to anyone other than Mimosa. 2. Confidentiality of this agreement. Neither party may disclose to the public or to a third party (with the exception of the owners of other properties within the limits of the proposed development that have entered into exclusive and confidentiality agreements with Mimosa) the existence of this agreement, the negotiations with Mimosa or the proposed development, with the exception of Mimosa`s express prior written agreement. Mimosa and the owner agree on the content and date of each public announcement of the development of the proposed website. 3. negotiations.

Following the implementation of this agreement, the parties will endeavour to negotiate and implement more formal agreements that contain the conditions for integrating the owner`s property into the proposed development. In the event that the parties have not executed a letter of intent or a binding contract on the proposed development, which renews this agreement within 365 days of the signing of this agreement, that agreement expires and the parties are no longer bound by the terms of this agreement. 4. Agents. The owner does everything in his power to ensure that his executives, directors, employees, members, managers, partners, representatives and representatives respect the terms of this agreement.

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