ADASDevPro has invaluable instructions for concluding the development interface agreement. Other information can be prepared on request. These products act as necessary evidence to demonstrate that safety planning for automotive product development was carried out in accordance with ISO 26262 guidelines. Design and Development – Sensory Networks, Custom IoT Gateway, Cloud and Mobile App Electronic Control Units (ECU) Development Services for Body Control Module (BCM), Powertrain, Chassis and Infotainment Functional Safety Compliance is different from other QAs like CMMI, etc. It deals with very specific functional areas and requires certain skills and qualifications. In addition, the achievement of functional safety in the development of automotive software is evidence-based. These are some of the reasons why security planning is becoming an important part of ISO 26262 compliance. This is a breakdown of all the activities to be carried out as part of the project. This table covers all necessary parts of ISO 26262- from functional requirement development activity to safety requirements. All types of additional reports and analyses that must be prepared in accordance with safety requirements are also mentioned here. The purpose of Article 5 Interfaces in Distributed Developments is to describe procedures and assign related responsibilities within distributed developments for elements and elements. It ensures that functional security within the supply chain, which is involved throughout the safety lifecycle, is achieved and maintained and includes six work products. In addition to the human resources we discussed in the section above, software tools, databases, models, etc., are also needed to achieve functional security objectives.

Because there is an interface between the entities during development, the table is called the Development Interface Agreement (IAD). I am a strong supporter of common documentation, especially for functional security. The joint documentation gives credibility to the expected results of the project and helps to ensure that the document is fully, properly and fully understood. The IAD should not be written individually for each project or supplier; however, they should be reviewed and cut accordingly. Many of the DAS clients I have seen are a standard model sent to the supplier that does not take into account the actual requirements of the project and the role of the respective supplier. Everyone who has been involved in an automotive project idea and product development understands how critical project planning is. The following table will make the interface agreement more understandable: based on experience in software development projects, a product development team can opt for different approaches to SDLC. AUTOSAR MCAL Development, RTE and BSW Integration, Application Layer Development, Tool Configuration and Code Production It is important to conclude a robust development interface agreement between customer and supplier. A complete slide not only resolves the primary responsibility of stakeholders, but can also prevent differences of opinion and confusion. A mutually agreed development interface agreement provides the customer and supplier with the information they need to properly plan and execute work activities and products that lead to a safe functional end product. As simple as it may seem, there seems to be a big difference in the way these agreements are presented and implemented, which could create problems or subsequent concerns in the project.

For example, concept development and hardware design are not part of the project. That is why we need to mark the areas that go within the scope of each project. To achieve functional safety in the development of automotive software, all parties involved must strive to achieve this common goal.

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