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. . . Thanks to Setter and Kath for the review and directions. I really didn`t like it. I thought the general knowledge had really ruined it. Molly and Poldy, had never heard of a bird named Merlin or Friedrich Engels. Mr. Harrumph. The two long anagrams for the film and the agreement took me a while because I didn`t have many auditors.

I needed clues for 21a, could only think of a distant refuge, doh! The favorite was 25a, 4/2 for me. I wasn`t like a ProXimal puzzle. For me, a good puzzle is a combination of clever word games and fun surfaces. An anagram of an obscure foreign name without a correct definition is neither one nor that for 11a, it is not at all enigmatic and also can not be inferred from the indication that I have no problem expanding my vocabulary, but looking for obscure references on Google is not my idea of fun and should not be the key to solving a cryptic crossword on – have a nice day everyone! 14a Ancient — and the value is questionable (12) ANTEDILUVIAN: An anagram (doubtful) of AND VALEUR IN IT. Very nice crossword puzzles, but then able to solve it, always increases the level of pleasure. I didn`t do a lot of Xwords on vacation. However, it was a pretty quick and pleasant solution this morning. I had to think about where to enter my vowels in 14a. Last corner in SE was with the second word of 28a lasting some time. All I could imagine was ball.

26a also released some teasing, but for some reason 13d, which should have been easy, was my last one in. I think it`s because I couldn`t get out of my head. Others, such as 5D and 11a, were quickly resolved as “partners in crime” and “business concession” before they even developed. The favorites were 11a and 1, 2, 7, 8 and 20d. Thanks Jay and 2Ks. Interested in your time. Here in Fowey, Cornwall, yesterday was beautiful and ideal for a long walk through still terrain. In the night came the wind and rain…. But here, something can change in the blink of an eye.

It`s not often I make negative comments, but the GK in this one ruined an otherwise good puzzle. I`m still looking forward to The Puzzle on Thursday, but for me, because of the GK, it was probably the least pleasing crossword for a very long time. Sorry, not my cup of tea. Thanks to Kath for this assessment. 22d necklace good enough to be owned by singer (6) CHOKER – This American singer, so useful for crossword puzzles, was part of a duet – she`s part of a duet – she`s part of the outside (to own) two letters that mean “pretty good” or lovely acceptable Wednesdayday that distracts me from the rain floating out! Sped by the top half, but had to work much harder to tease the southern half.

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