Obviously, the content of an insurance contract depends on the nature of the policy, what the insurance claimant wants and how much he or she is willing to pay. Details of insurance policies are covered in standard insurance policies. This article deals with what is required of valid insurance contracts, since only valid contracts are legally applicable. The definition of the insurance contract includes five specific types of contracts, such as contracts. B trees, secondary line contracts and elevator maintenance contracts. It also includes the part of another contract in which you assume the unauthorized responsibility of another person to pay against a third party for personal or property damage. The immediate case is another example of the dangers of the current complex structuring of insurance policies. Unfortunately, the insurance industry is addicted to the practice of constructing a condition or exception in the form of a Babel language tower in the policies. We join other courts and deplore a trend that plunges policyholders into a state of insecurity and places the task of resolving it on justice. We reaffirm our advocacy for clarity and simplicity in policies that serve such an important public service.

[20] A compensation agreement – also known as „compensation“ – is a contractual risk transfer obligation for one party to release another part of financial losses due to bodily or material damages of third parties. Insurance contracts require certain things from the insured or require certain conditions, both before and after a loss, that the law sometimes classifies as conditions and conditions thereafter. If the insured does not comply with or comply with these obligations, the insurance company may be exempt from the obligation to pay the default claim. However, in most jurisdictions, a court will only relieve an insurer`s obligation to pay a claim if the offence is significant. For the vast majority of insurance policies, the only page that is highly tailored to the insured`s needs is the declaration page. All other pages are standard forms that, if necessary, refer to terms defined in the returns. Certain types of insurance, such as .B. However, media insurance is written in the form of handwritten policies, written either from new bases or from a mixture of standard and non-standard forms. [37] [38] By analogy, instruction notes that are not on standard forms or whose language is adapted to the particular circumstances of the insured are called manuscript notes.

Since insurance contracts are generally non-negotiable, the courts have created jurisprudence in the interests of policyholders. The first right that applies to contracts in general is that where there is ambiguity in a contract, ambiguity is interpreted against the manufacturer of the contract which, in insurance, is the insurance company. Therefore, if the contractual terms are not specific, the conditions are interpreted in such a way that it benefits the policyholders the most. Another case law that has developed is the principle of reasonable expectations, which requires that any exclusion or other qualification be striking; Otherwise, the insured is entitled to coverage that he expects reasonably.

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