„Under the two BYU Bowl agreements, the Cougars also have the opportunity to participate in the Cheez-It Bowl in Arizona if their conference tie-ins (Big Ten and Big 12) are unable to deliver an opponent. If so, this option can be exercised instead of an Independence Bowl and an ESPN Events Bowl game. The Cheez-It Bowl is broadcast on an ESPN network. The division winners, provided they are allowed to bowl, will receive a guaranteed Bowl berth. Holmoe said both the Bowl agreements and the media rights agreement were „essential“ to the long-term success of the football program, both financially and on the field. The contracts provide that the respective bowl committees receive a specific selection of teams. The selection lists below (#1, #2, #3, etc.) only indicate the order in which variety committees make their choice. The selection is usually not on the end of the season`s rankings or in fact the latest regular season records/tables. For example, a bowl of „3-selection“ from a specific conference does not necessarily mean that it must choose „the team for third place“ in that conference. At this committee, he can choose one of the remaining teams of this conference (regarding the eligibility rules mentioned above).

A committee may select one team because of its geographic proximity, the ability to travel for the fan community or other factors for another. Bowls can „jump“ teams to avoid regular-season re-matches or maybe bowl-rematches from the previous season. In different cases, shells have embraced a particular team that participates in the same cup for two consecutive seasons, but perhaps reluctant them to invite them for a third consecutive season. In most cases, however, the order follows in bulk the general order of regular season records/rankings. „Under the new Independence Bowl agreement, the Cougars will perform in Shreveport in 2021 and 2025 against an American Conference opponent and in 2023 against a Pac-12 team. The Independence Bowl, broadcast on an ESPN network, is the 11th oldest in the country and will play its 45th edition in 2020. Founded in 1976, it is played every December at the Independence Stadium in Shreveport. „It gives us some flexibility,“ Holmoe said. „I think I feel good if I can play for three years, but we think there`ll probably be two at independence bowls and at least one in Arizona, because another one in Arizona could be from an ESPN Events Bowl.“ While ESPN Events operates and hosts some Of The Bowl games, while the network only broadcasts others, Holmoe said the relationship with ESPN was optimal for them as independents. From 1998 to 2013, the national champion was identified by the Bowl Championship Series on the field.

The Bowl Championship Series consisted of five games, the Rose Bowl, fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl, as well as the BCS Championship Game. A system of computer rankings and human surveys was used to rank teams in the I-Football Bowl subdivision division. As with the college football playoffs, the BCS consisted of major conference champions, large-scale teams and occasionally Notre Dame or mid-major conference teams.

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