In the event that you transfer an existing telephone number for your AT-T telephone service (i.e., a number to the AT-T telephone service), you authorize AT-T to process your order for AT-T Phone and inform your existing provider of your decision to transfer your local toll and remote transportation services to the AT-T Phone service, and you declare that you are entitled to do so. Not all phone numbers are allowed to be carried on the AT-T Phone service. Additional hardware, software, subscription, credit or debit card, Internet access from your compatible PC and/or special network connection may be required and you are solely responsible for organizing or obtaining all of these requirements. Some solutions may require third-party products and/or services that are subject to the applicable terms and conditions of third parties and require a separate purchase and/or agreement with the third party. It is not responsible for any consequential damage caused in any way by the hardware, software or any other element/requirements for which you are responsible. The AT-T wireless network can provide broadband internet access. For more information on how AT-T helps transfer information to points on the Internet and how we manage our network, visit the Broadband Information page that you can find at: If you use a Mobile Share plan with a device that is not a specific data device, for registration or as a mobile access point with more than five (5) simultaneous users or otherwise, you use the plan in a way inconsistent with its terms, you agree that ATT can suspend or terminate the service of the account; (b) put a non-compliant device on an appropriate mobile level; and/or (c) add another necessary element to the plan. To the extent permitted by law, release, compensate and retain att and its directors, employees, representatives, replacements and divestitures who are free of and against all claims of any individual or legal entity for any damage of any kind, directly or indirectly, by AT-T or any person who uses it (including, but not limited to, personal injury and vehicles), including claims ARISING IN WHOLE or IN PART FROM THE

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