In the construction industry, the process of selecting a contractor is generally referred to as “tendering” and includes the development of tender documents describing the project and the tendering process by potential contractors from which selection can be made. This section reviews the payment rules within a time frame set by the contractor. They should look at the processes involved in the payment transaction and how the services are monetized. This guarantees a monetary equivalent of the services provided by the contractor. A form of appointment is the way to appoint an advisor for a project. It is important that the terms of the appointment be set in writing as soon as possible, specifying the volume of services that may be required and the fees collected for those services. If one of the parties breaches a contract, you can refer to the letter to find out your rights and restrictions. The appointment letter defines your rights as the entity participating in the transaction. Contractors are organizations that are tasked by clients (sometimes called employers) to carry out construction work. This role is essential to the success of a project and therefore it is important to ensure that an appropriate contractor is selected. This may involve consulting consultants if the client is inexperienced. As a general rule, the contract administrator (or sometimes the cost advisor) will collect the contract documents on behalf of the client and print and execute two copies, one for the client and the other for the contractor. In addition, the customer can keep an executed contract and certified copies are issued to the contractor, thus avoiding potential errors in the preparation of two execution contracts.

This article describes the procedure usually followed for the designation of the contractor after the selection of the contractor. Other procedures can be used for certain types of projects, for example. B Private Financing Initiative (PFI) projects. The date is a very important feature of any contract letter from the contractor. They should include the date of the mail, the date on which the implementation of the award agreement is to begin and the actual date of the project`s launch. The date on which the project is expected to be completed is also important to ensure that project schedules are met. Letters of appointment may be useful when an advisor is required for a very insignificant or minor commission, in which a long-term contract could be considered burdensome and repugnant. Contract appointments are limited to managerial and senior professional (MSP) and professional and support staff (PSS) positions and must be settled by open recruitment, campus-only recruitment or recruitment waiver. Contract dates should not end with non-recruitment.

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