Since the price of supplying precious metals depends on price movements in the financial market that strategic gold cannot control, you do not have the right to retract abandoned orders and contracts made after submitting your written instructions to purchase or sell precious metals. However, if feasible, Strategic Gold will make reasonable efforts to help customers cancel orders if such cancellation is requested prior to Strategic Gold`s execution of the order. Customers who wish to cancel an order for the purchase or sale of Bullion should immediately contact Strategic Gold by phone to see if it is possible to cancel these orders. All applicable federal, regional and municipal taxes are the exclusive responsibility of the client. The purchase and sale of gold and other precious metals may include complex domestic, domestic and foreign tax considerations that may be different for each individual or institution. Participants in the Clear Title Account Program are expected to conduct their own investigations into the tax implications and participation in the purchase, holding, selling and other activities program. The content of this description of the program should not be construed as legal, tax or investment advice. You should contact your own legal, tax, commercial and related advisors regarding your participation in the Strategic Gold Securities Account Program. After the written acceptance of the account contract filed by Strategic Gold, the customer must pre-finance his account with the total cost of gold/silver purchased by Strategic Gold on behalf of the customer. Orders to purchase precious metals cannot be accepted and processed before receiving good means, which are accepted only through Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH or bank transfer), cash check or personal cheque.

Strategic Gold customers have the right to check their precious metals stocks in the safe they have chosen to store their precious metals. If you decide to visit the safe to check your inventory, your special gold/silver edges will be transferred to a private room inside the safe. For security reasons, you cannot enter the actual safe in which your gold/silver is stored. Customers who wish to inspect their inventory in the safe should contact Strategic Gold`s offices to arrange and coordinate a visit. The gold awarded is very different from the unassigned gold, owned by the bank. Transactions made through the clearing system include the settlement of gold on the accounts of the counterparties to the transaction. This is usually done by making “paper transfers between the respective accounts (to avoid problems related to Bullion`s physical movement). There are two main types of Bullion accounts, unassigned and assigned accounts. As a Clear Title Account Program customer, you have the unique flexibility to store your gold and silver lingts in one or more of our international deposits. Each of these safes carries the highest security information.

In addition, your precious metals are always stored within the LBMA `Chain of Integrity` to ensure that you can sell your Bullion assets at any time during the trading day at the spot market price. Customers have the option to install their precious metals in the following places: Their bullion is kept in safes controlled by the administrators under a storage contract [the storage agreement] Strategic Gold executed with them.

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