Below is a list of 6CPA historical resources. Please note that many of these resources are no longer up to date or apply to 6CPA programs or solicitation procedures and are mentioned here only as a historical reference. Information on a national study funded by 6CPA to evaluate a pharmacy examination program focused on chronic pain. The pharmaceutical trial program was set up by the Commonwealth to experiment with new and extensive community pharmaceutical programs aimed at improving clinical outcomes for consumers and increasing the role of pharmacists in the provision of health services by registered community pharmacies for the Staged Supply programme with 6CPA and will receive an annual incentive for procurement services carried out and registered in accordance with 6CPA requirements. For more information, see 6CPA. All of the current rules of the 6CPA program and sought advice can be found on the pharmacy program administrator`s website. Information on 6CPA programs, including membership programs, drug management programs, rural assistance programs, and Aboriginal programs and Torres Strait Islander GuildCare Staged Supply Module specific programs was designed to help the 6CPA program provide drug-based drugs in installments, as recommended by the prescriber, health specialist or patient. This service is primarily for patients with mental illness, addiction or who are otherwise unable to manage their medications safely. Information on an initiative funded by 6CPA to support the integration of drug management programs in health homes.

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